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Business Databases

DatabaseUSA.com® is your source for targeted marketing lists, including Direct Mail Lists, Email Lists & Sales Lead lists. We have the ONLY Triple Verified Business Database in the Industry! We offer 95%+ Accuracy on over 16 Million Business Records… DatabaseUSA.com® is simply the best in database marketing.

Consumers / Homeowners

Our consumer and homeowner mailing list and email list database has over 200 Million consumer records. Targeted marketing lists can include selections such as Age, Income, Home Value, and hundreds of other selects. Click here to view some of the Consumer Sales Lead Selects available.

Licensed Professionals

HOT New Sales Leads

DatabaseUSA.com® has the Freshest Sales Lead Lists Available! These marketing lists include:

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful and cost effective sales lead tools available

DatabaseUSA.com® makes Email Marketing seamless and EASY! We offer Database Marketing and Email Marketing services. DatabaseUSA.com proudly provides high-quality, low-cost email marketing lists, including business email lists, consumer email lists and email sales lead solutions for businesses and sales people like you. Learn more about our: 

  • Email Deployment Services
  • Email Lists
  • Email Append
  • Reverse Email Append

Email Starter Kit

Try our email marketing starter kit.  With this kit, you will get the following:

  • 5,000 Consumer Leads (or)
  • 5,000 Business Sales Leads
  • Custom Email Design
  • Email Deployment
  • A Report of the Results

Executive Email Lists

Do you need  to reach executives by email? DatabaseUSA.com® Executive Email Lists can provide you with the email marketing contact information you need. Select and sort your email list by:

  • Title
  • State
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • And Many More Great Selects

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Database Marketing Services

Get more from your customer and prospect files with our database marketing services.

You’ve invested time, energy and money into building your customer list, but are you maximizing the potential your file holds to produce more sales?

Click Here to See Our Mailing List Formats Available

Increased Value

In today’s tough competitive market, having names and addresses is not enough.  Your list becomes more valuable by adding details that help you speak directly to your customers’ needs.  At DatabaseUSA.com®, we go to work for you with services that include.

  • List Enhancement
  • Phone Append
  • Email Append
  • Postal Processing
  • Merge / Purge
  • Analytics
  • Modeling
  • Do Not Call Lists



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